There are around 3100 islands and islets to go to make up the archipelago known as the Bahamas, meaning that if you visited one of them every day, it would take you eight years before you had seen them all.

CocoCay, Bahamas - Photograph by Peter Hansen on Unsplash
CocoCay, Bahamas – Photograph by Peter Hansen on Unsplash
Best time to visit the Bahamas:Any time but it can get really hot between June and August

Some of the islets really are just baron pieces of rock sticking out above the water. However, some of the others are full-blown tropical paradise islands complete with palm trees and soft sandy beaches. Some are big enough to have their own marinas complete with luxury yachts with owners that may be taking advantage of the Bahamas reputation as a tax haven and others will have sun loungers ready for you to take the weight off your feet.

For tourists, the Bahamas is known as a luxury destination and some of the hotels and resorts are stunning but it is easy to get away from it all with plenty of islands to explore, including ones with swimming pigs, ones where you can swim with the reed sharks and others where you can dive and explore your very own shipwreck.

Things to See in the Bahamas:

  • Nassau – lots of shopping and a visit to the pirate museum
  • Inagua National Park – you may be able to spot the odd flamingo
  • Harbour Island – complete with pink sand
  • Long Island – 120km of almost empty beaches and pretty little houses
  • Cat Island – traditional Bahamian culture including local music.

Things to Do in the Bahamas:

  • Kayaking between the islands
  • Island hopping by mail boat
  • Enjoy grilled conch at a beachside shack
  • Swim with sharks and dive on reefs
  • Explore a shipwreck
Diving on a Shipwreck near Nassau, Bahamas - Wikimedia Commons
Diving on a Shipwreck near Nassau, Bahamas – Wikimedia Commons

Quick Facts About the Bahamas:

Area:13,940 Sq Km
Official Language:English
Currency:Bahamian dollar
Food:Grilled conch
Rock lobsters
Bahamian stew fish
Baked crab
Drink:Kalik beer
Bushwacker (cocktail)
Bahama Mama (cocktail)
Rum Punch
Sands Beer
Flag of the Bahamas
Flag of the Bahamas
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